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4720 Crowchild Trail Northwest,
Calgary, Alberta
T3A 2N2

Phone: +1 403-288-0121

Categories: Car repair

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    As my insurance’s preferred shop closest to home, I went to Carstar for my repair. When I inspected the repairs I was NOT happy. There were large gaps along the hood and the bumper (approx 0.5" - 1") The left side of the hood was half and inch lower where it met up with the A pillar compared to the right side, you could see how lop sided it was and the bumper was overlapping the fender on the passenger side. The washer fluid container wasn’t replaced properly, and nothing came out when you went to use it. They also somehow fried my car starter. I was asked to come back for an inspection by their supervisor, Bruce. He explained to me that they got after market parts (SERIOUSLY!? My insurance guy questioned this himself) and how I can't expect it all to line up because it wont, and its the best they can do. He said he’d get someone to look at the washer fluid and try to line the hood up better. He also claims the starter was fried before my accident, even though I used it to start my car before I got into the accident. He "wanted to make things right" he offered a free days rental, that he would make sure would get booked so it was ready to go when I dropped my car off to adjust their repairs. Want to guess what happened when I showed up to enterprise the next day? No reservation. When I got my car back, nothing was different. I mentioned the overlapping fender because I forgot to at the re-inspection and Bruce told me this was one of the best repairs he’s seen despite being aftermarket parts and he didn’t want to try fixing it because it could potentially damage the new bumper. He ignored my concern about the overlap rubbing, wearing down the paint and eventually rusting saying that it would “never happen” and I should be happy with the quality of the repair. But I promise you, if I were to try and resell my car, buyers would know the car had been in an accident. My insurance sent out their inspector, who approved an additional $3800 to fix carstairs repair. I decided to take my car to A1 Autobody in the SE. When they took the bumper off, they saw that Carstar didn’t fix anything behind the bumper, but only covered it up. The inspector had to come back and approve MORE repairs because it was so bad. In the end A1 Autobody repaired my vehicle to before the accident, before Carstar touched it, with OEM parts, the first time. I am so impressed with the quality of their work, their service, and everything they've done for me to fix Carstar’s repairs. I highly recommend anyone who is considering taking their repairs to Carstar Shaganappi to reconsider and give your business to the family owned company who will make sure your car is fixed properly the first time!
    by Kendra Skalyn
  • My car was towed here after a rear ender. I am glad it was. The staff are extremely professional and friendly. They fixed my rear end in only a few weeks when I assumed it would take atleast 6. I also asked them how much it would cost to buff out a scratch i had there from previous...and they did it probono whith a smile. They did what they were told to do by the insurance and did a great job. I do suggest asking what the insurance has instructed them to do to make sure they are replacing things and not fixing them. But they followed insurance directions and did an outstanding job at what they were told to. I WOULD HIGHLY SUGGEST THIS LOCATION.
    by Kristy. Lynn.
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